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Once I was a doctor. Now I am a writer.

Why do I write, you ask? The answer: Anger and gin, mostly. Anger, that underrated child and motivator who begs for the quieting effect of truth; and gin, which encourages words to flow naturally onto a page. 


There are other reasons:


A career in medicine honed my quest for truth; all-questioning, never-blindly-accepting. In science, there is truth, we just don’t necessarily get it right all the time.

Canadian author Robertson Davies’s writing taught me the rhythm and music of words. His quotations inspired my first book: The Quotable-

-Robertson Davies: The wit and wisdom of the master, first published in 2005, and now newly published as a Kindle eBook.


Jazz performance encouraged improvisation in my life and writing (and vice versa). Room for Examination: More than Skin Deep, a career memoir, combines right and left brain, the imagery and language of my specialty (dermatology), the science of academic medicine, and the frustrations of academia.


The sharp edges? I’ve always smoothed them out with my love of nature, botany, food, wine and especially the listening, playing, and composition of music. These strains flow through everything I write, whether short fiction, cook book, memoir, or my nearly-completed novel. I hope you enjoy my works.

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